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This map shows the locations of points of interest related to saltwater fishing within the state of Connecticut and around Long Island Sound (LIS), including:

View information on saltwater fishing in the state of Connecticut or on the Enhanced Opportunity Shore Fishing Program. Additional links are also provided below the map.

Please send feedback about this application to: deep.marine.fisheries@ct.gov.

Select a point of interest to obtain more information about it.

Search for a point of interest by name or vicinity around a location by entering a name or address in the search bar above the map. Wildcard characters include '%' for multiple characters and '_' and for a single character.

Zoom by using the zoom buttons on the map, by double-clicking, by using the scrollwheel, or by holding the 'Shift' key and drawing a rectangle on the map.

CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Marine Fisheries Division
860-434-6043 | PO Box 719 Old Lyme, CT, 06371

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