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Enforcement Case Summaries

Enforcement case summaries provide a brief description of violations, civil penalties and/or supplemental environmental projects, as appropriate, and a link to the order.

In the past, DEEP has only included administrative consent orders. Since 2019, DEEP also includes the following formal enforcement actions: cease and desist orders, unilateral orders, and stipulated judgments.

You may search by town, date or media/program interest or you may select multi-media for cases that involve more than one media/program.

Choose one of the following options:

Enforcement Case Summaries by Media/Program Interest (Past 12 Months)
Enforcement Case Summaries by Town (Past 12 Months)
Enforcement Case Summaries by Date (Past 12 months)
Enforcement Case Summaries by Date (All Cases)


For further information on an Enforcement Case Summary, please contact us by phone at (860) 424-3003 or by e-mail.

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