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Long Island Sound Water Quality Monitoring Stations

In 1994, DEP established 48 permanent sampling stations to monitor hypoxia during the summer months of June, July, August and September. There are currently 47 active stations. Seventeen stations are also sampled year round as part of the monthly water quality monitoring program.

Originally, the sampling was aimed at evaluating the effects of dissolved oxygen concentrations on fish abundance and determining the temporal and spatial extent of hypoxia. Sampling stations were selected randomly with more sites concentrated in the western Sound where hypoxia was generally more severe. Select a station on the map below to see station information including latitude/longitude, depth, sampling schedule, and parameters.

The University of Connecticut, Department of Marine Sciences, maintains a network of monitoring buoys to provide comprehensive, real-time water quality, weather and wave data from Long Island Sound, its harbors and estuaries. Additional information is available at the MYSound website.

Select a station to see more information. Stations can be turned on and off using the check boxes.
DEP Monitoring Stations
Year Round Symbol Year Round Station
Summer Symbol Summer Station
  (mid-June to mid-September)
Inactive Station
MYSound Buoys
MYSound symbol MYSound Buoy
Monitoring Parameters
In situ:Dissolved Oxygen(DO), percent saturation, temperature, salinity, conductivity, depth, and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
Chemical:Dissolved silica, particulate silica, particulate carbon, dissolved organic carbon, dissolved nitrogen, particulate nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, particulate phosphorus, total dissolved phosphorus, orthophosphate, chlorophyll a, total suspended solids, and Winkler Dissolved Oxygen
BOD: Biological Oxygen Demand
Biological:Zooplankton, phytoplankton, and HPLC

Long Island Sound Water Quality Monitoring

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